Let’s Talk…   Do I need an interior designer, an architect, or both? It depends on the amount and type of work to be done. When a project involves a renovation, you can either work with  an Interior Designer or work with an Architect.  If the scope entails moving significant walls, changing plumbing locations, changing the heating & air-conditioning, and/or changing the Certificate of Occupancy, As a licensed General Contrator, CornerStone can coordinate the appropiate permits & professionals.  CornerStone regularly works with Architects and may recommend one if needed. In addition to the services mentioned above, Interior Designers select or design furniture, carpet, wallpaper, decorative lighting, art, accessories, surfaces.
  What level of involvement will I have in the design process? We understand that every client is different. While some clients prefer a more “hands off” role, others enjoy being intimately involved in every decision of their space transformation. We respect the level of involvement that each client chooses to take. We do ask that our clients engage in an ongoing approval process necessary to facilitate the progression of the project.
  How many hours does a project typically take? Every project is unique and brings particular challenges to the table, and therefore, a high level of variability exists across jobs. There are many phases to the design process, all of which are integral to the transformation of the space. Projects sometimes take longer than initially estimated, often due to factors beyond our control. That said, we strive to keep every project moving expeditiously while maintaining the quality, integrity, and attention to detail that each of our clients deserves.  You will be provided with a project timeline outlining the construction process.    
  What if I don’t like the designs? We don’t expect to get everything right on the first presentation, which is why we show you designs in stages, soliciting feedback and discussing alternate possibilities. If after several meetings you are not satisfied, it may be time to re-evaluate whether or not CornerStone is the right fit for your project.
  Is there anything specific you ask of your clients? An open and trusting relationship between client and designer is crucial to a successful design project. We bring enthusiasm and dedication to each of our projects and we hope to welcome the same from our clients. When all parties can be open and communicative about their needs, preferences and dislikes – creating the CornerStone dialogue – the design project will transcend into the transformative process that is the hallmark of our firm.
  Is there a job that is too small? Yes. Some projects are either too small in scale or require only superficial changes to a space. If your budget is extremely tight, often times it’s better to do it yourself and invest in better furnishings rather than hiring an interior designer. That said, we welcome projects that embody innovative and nuanced design, regardless of size.
  Do you work on projects outside of the Lewis Clark Valley? Absolutely. Based on the scope of the project, we’ll propose a number of site visits while conducting the bulk of our work remotely. We also collaborate with local architects and other representatives as needed.
  We’re really busy during the week. Can we meet with you evenings and weekends? Typically yes. We’re okay with occasional off-hour meetings. The number of in-person meetings scheduled will depend on both the scale of the project and the client’s desired level of involvement. Once the majority of the design decisions have been made, we communicate with clients by email and phone, unless in-person meetings are preferred.