Keri attended the Art Institute of Seattle and Bellevue Community College with a focus in Culinary Arts and Interior Design.  Keri got her start in interior design early, growing up in Lewiston, Idaho, she spent her childhood summers helping out in her mom in her design business.  Keri is our resident “go to” person for sourcing items, she is always on top of the newest trends and can’t wait to share the sources. She excels in organizational development and is always working behind the scene to make sure our projects flow smoothly.  Keri works with Residential Design as well as Commercial projects. While splitting her time between Clarkston and Seattle, she maintains her own clientele base in Western Washington.  She favors Mid Century Modern Design but works effortlessly in coordinating other design genres. Keri resides in Clarkston’s Swallow’s Nest neighborhood with her daughter Sarah and their two dogs, Walter the Pug and Teddy the Standard Poodle. They recently moved to Eastern Washington after living in Seattle for 11 years, in the Madison Park neighborhood.